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Storm Apocalypse Granat Orange i gruppen Airsoft / Granatkastare & Granater hos Wizeguy Sweden AB (asg-19642)
Storm Apocalypse Granat Orange

Storm Apocalypse Granat Orange

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Produkt: asg-19642
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En airsoft granat som fylls på med 6mm BB´s och laddas med greengas. Det gör att du kan använda den i spel och efterlikna en "riktig" granat. Du får ett "sprängområde" på ca 10m i diameter där dom 155st BB´s flyger åt alla håll och träffar spelare inom området. 

Rymmer: 155st 6mm BB´s 
Drivs med: Greengas 
Vikt: 160g

Mer information från tillverkaren: 

After taking the world by Storm with our range of reusable airsoft grenades , ActionSportGames now present the new STORM APOCALYPSE!

This revolutionary new airsoft grenade takes all of the fantastic features of the original Storm 360 and improves on them!

The STORM APOCALYPSE is a high quality re-usable gas powered impact grenade, after use it can be reloaded and reused again and again – eliminating the need for expensive and dangerous pyrotechnic grenades.

While retaining the same ‘spin and burst’ features of the original, the new STORM APOCALYPSE discharges its payload of 155 6mm BBs even faster and with an even greater spread ensuring even more in game effectiveness. 

After listening to your feedback, we also redesigned the STORM APOCALYPSE to have a slimmer profile than its predecessor and now you will be able to fit each STORM APOCALYPSE grenade in a standard ‘M4 magazine’ style pouch with ease. This slimline fit means you can now carry even more STORM APOCALYPSE grenades into your airsoft battles and the newly designed arming system dispenses with the safety pin, which can be lost in the heat of action, and replaces it with a new primer system which allows for a smoother ‘snag free’ profile. 

What’s more, the rugged impact resistant polymer casing is now formed as a single piece shell for increased gas pressure and extended durability. We’ve also improved the sensitively of the device to ensure that the STORM APOCALYPSE will ‘detonate’ even on soft surfaces such as carpet or grass, making it ideal for all sorts of indoor and outdoor airsoft fields and arenas  – don’t worry though, the new safety catch feature means that it will only activate when you want it to by flicking the primer switch from ‘safe’ to ‘fire’ mode!

Airsoft - Granater - Typ: BB Granat


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